Moisturizing Body Créme

Dry skin? Oily skin? That won’t be a problem anymore! Bare Logic’s moisturizing body cream collection was specifically formulated for you to finally say goodbye to dehydrated skin. 

Truly suitable for all skin types, our hyaluronic acid body cream collection will have you smelling like an absolute dream with the citrus tones of lemongrass and floral whiffs of rose. Experience the magic of  Bare Logic’s moisturizing body lotions as it smoothly glides all over your skin, a confidence boost having you daringly bare it all.

Why is everyone talking about hyaluronic acid? Because it’s a miracle worker! 

  • It leaves your skin feeling more supple and healthier. 
  • Hyaluronic acid is the key player that helps bind water to skin cells infusing the skin layers resulting in rejuvenated skin. 
  • Not only does it hydrate but it also helps in reducing skin pigmentation issues. 

We only source our ingredients from natural and plant-based sources. It’s safe for your skin to use, especially for those who have sensitive skin! We got you!

With Bare Logic’s Lemongrass Hyaluronic Body Crème, have your skin feeling refreshed with the citrusy goodness as soon as it's applied. Get hints of sweet almond oil and hydrating aloe vera.

The Rose Hyaluronic Body Crème will have your skin feeling relaxed as you infuse the rose scent upon application. Plus have yourself revitalized and soothed with its nurturing cocoa seed butter, hydrating coconut oil, and skin-conditioning squalene. This rose moisturizer will have you daringly bloom after every application.

Your skin will experience luxury with just a small amount of the cream all thanks to its whipped texture. Only the best skin care products with hyaluronic and vitamin c, a hydrating and brightening tandem that you absolutely need. Be confident and bare it all with our best all natural body creams.Tried and tested and all products are #honeypot approved.