Behind the Brand

Meet Erica

As a practicing physician and mother of three young children, I experienced first hand how women tend to give everything they have to everyone else while neglecting themselves. That's why I started Bare Logic.

Whether it’s giving your all at work, at home, raising your kids, maintaining a healthy marriage, or supporting your friends; we, as women, feel depleted.

I wanted to create a product that not only nourishes your skin but gives back to you. A product that makes you feel pampered, sexy, and overall amazing inside and out. A product that allows you to escape the daily stressors of life and own a small oasis at home to relax where a few moments can be reclaimed to recharge your body, soul, and spirit for the challenges ahead.

I envision expanding my products to include shower and bath oils, soaps, massage oils, and facial masks to help you create a full spa-like retreat at home.

Busy lives and busy schedules keep us from caring for ourselves. Now it’s your turn to nourish your skin and steal a few moments of your hectic day to love yourself.

Everyone deserves to spoil themselves.

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